Our task is to prepare specialists who know how to transform a creative idea
into a viable profitable media project

The department as a separate structural unit was founded in 1990 with the name of the department of publishing, printing and book distribution. By the decision of the Academic Council of NTUU "KPI" dated June 26, 2017 it was renamed the Department of Management of the Publishing and Printing Industry.

Address: Kyiv, street Volodymyrska, 7 (Igor Sikorsky KPI educational building № 25; tel. +380 (44) 279-07-12).

Head of the department: Doctor of Political Sciences, Professor Yuri Ganzhurov.

Prepares specialists in the field of knowledge 07 "Management and Administration" specialty 073 "Management" of the educational program "Media Management and Administration in the field of publishing and printing". Conducts research in the field of management and organization of media and publishing and printing companies.

Qualification of graduates:

Bachelor of Management;
Master of Management;
Doctor of Philosophy in Management.
Profile disciplines: "Economic theory", "Economics and finance of the enterprise", "Fundamentals of media business", "Legal regulation of media business", "Marketing", "Economics and organization of media business", "Management", "Personnel management", "Innovative Management "," Operational Management of Media and Publishing and Printing Enterprises "," Economic Forecasting "," Information and Communication Technologies in the Media Business "," Strategic Management of Media Enterprises "," Management of Media Distribution "," Accounting and Auditing "," Economic statistics "," Economic analysis of media and publishing companies "," Management of international activities of the company "," Finance, money and credit "," Financial management "," Management of media and publishing companies "," Media marketing "," Corporate management in the media industry "," Marketing management of media companies "" Logistics of media and publishing and printing companies "," Risk management of media and publishing and printing companies "," Project Management "," Management of startup projects ".

Types of activity of specialists: management and administration in the field of economic, personnel, commercial, investment work of media enterprises, publishing houses, media outlets and printing companies, analysis and organization of their activities, research of economic aspects of publishing and printing processes; feasibility study of design decisions.

The scope of activity of the future specialist - enterprises and organizations of the creative economy and media industry:

media editorial offices;

new media and internet projects;

planning and economic, financial and production departments of publishing houses and printing companies;

marketing, logistics and sales services;

advertising and PR agencies;

wholesale and retail book trade enterprises;

subdivisions of technical and economic research of research institutes.

Our graduates work in the following positions:

general, executive, commercial director or assistant director;

head (manager) of the planning and economic, financial, marketing department;

head of media projects and programs;

HR manager (HR manager)

financial manager;

customer service manager (account manager);

SMM-manager and content-manager;

logistics, supply, sales manager;

business consultant;

manager (specialist) of planning and economic, financial, marketing and production department of the enterprise;