The development concept

One of the most difficult problems is implementation of measures for entry into the European and global space of higher education the solution of which the Department is working on constantly. The Bologna Process which provides the harmonization of national higher educational systems and which are joined in 40 countries has became a reality for Ukraine too. In view of it a new curricula which provides two-degree system of higher education (bachelor – master degrees) were developed, the improving of the educational process was made, credit-modular training system was implemented.

The priority direction of the Department are:

  • The development of students' skills of self-education during the training and during their practical activity.
  • Studying foreign languages by department's teaching staff to fulfill the absence of such acquirement and its practical use will be in passive for students.
  • Renovation of activity due to qualification upgrading of field's employees.
  • Conducting scientific research on actual topics.

The Department gradually increases the volume of the preparation and publication of educational literature materials. The requirements for each professor in this field will be increased. On the edge of attention the preparation and defense of PhD and Doctoral Thesis will remain.

We believe that all of the Department's staff which is constantly growing and updating will provide improvements in training of specialists, expand scientific research and active participation in public life.