Integration relations

Integration of science, education and production means shared use of educational, scientific and industrial organizations potential within their mutual interests. Integration processes are a basis of the functionality of scientific park "Kyiv Polytechnic" which allows creation of research and production zone, educational and sociocultural area providing continuous innovative process, practical application of science and technology, commercialization of research.

The main aims of the Department in the integration field are:

  • training of specialists that are able to solve complex management problems using the achievements of modern economic science;
  • holding of generic research in the field of management and economics of publishing companies, printing and book-selling business domain;
  • implementation of department's research results into practice activity of an industrial sector.

The Department's integration relations are realized as a research work of the Department's professors at solving modern problems of the industry. The teaching staff of the Department works in close cooperation with publishers "Kievska Pravda", "Presa Ukrainy", "Osvita", "Naykova dymka", "Lybid", "Ukrainskiy pysmennyk," "Smoloskyp"; printing industrial complex "Ukraina", enterprises "Polihrafknyha", "Notna fabryka", PJSC "Vipol", bookselling business companies "Ukrknyha", "Knyharnya "E", "Akademknyha", "Znannya". Fruitful scientific and practical activity were established with the Ukrainian Association of Publishers and Booksellers for which an initial sociological analysis of demand for publishing products for its range was provided by the Department. The Department collaborates with Book Chamber of Ukraine, the National Parliamentary Library of Ukraine, the Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine. The results of PhD and doctoral thesis of the Department's professors are implemented in the activity of printing companies, in particular, LLC "Factor-Druk", PE "Avers". DV "Presa Ukrainy."

The student are involved in scientific research process . Starting at 3rd year students have been receiving individual tasks in the chosen direction of scientific work, corresponding with areas of the Department's research, study of the faculty or requirements of industry companies and organizations. Elaborated scientific objects are included in the course and degree projects. Developed project's activities are implemented in the practical work of enterprises. In 2014 the results of students' research were used in practical activities of SE "Tetra Pak Ukraine", LLC "Mig Poligraf", PJSC "Syogodni Multimedia", LLC "Smoloskyp", NGO "Duh i litera", LLC "Vydavnychiy dim" Kyiv-Mohyla Academy ". In 2015 the results of student studies are recommended for realization in JSC "Vydavnytstvo" Kyivska Pravda "(Corporated enterprise SAC" Ukrvydavpoligrafiya "), LLC" Drukarnya Wolf ", LLC "Makros", in the bookselling enterprises WCC LLC "Summit-Knyha", LLC "Knyharnya "E", LLC "Dzherela M" Ltd., at agency "Knyzkova birzha".